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Cleaning up after a fire

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire fighter in fire For fire damage clean up, contact the professionals at SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties today! 530-222-0200

The dust has settled, you are starting to get your bearings back, now what do you do to put your house back together?

Of course, hiring a professional restoration company is the best answer, but here are some tips in the case that you are unable to.

Fire damage may go beyond cosmetic.

Have your house inspected. Electrical wiring, foundation, and wall supports may have been affected and should be corrected before any cleaning or cosmetic repairs are performed.

Be Aware of Carcinogens.

Much of our household materials are now petroleum-based. When they burn, cancer-causing carcinogens can be released through soot and smoke. Always wear a respirator when cleaning up after a fire, and be fully covered to be as safe as possible. Additionally a

HEPA vac with proper filters and the use of air scrubbers are vitally important to removing carcinogens. The danger of carcinogens is one of the main reasons we highly recommend having a professional restoration company do the work for you!

Removing Soot.

Soot can become oily, and very hard to remove. Cleaning soot with water may spread the problem rather than clean it. Instead of water, a better idea may be to use a vinegar solution, but even then it can be difficult and may take multiple cleanings to remove the soot.

Checking and getting rid of the remaining materials.

Smoke can penetrate most packaging and the heat from a fire can damage items that may look safe to use. Perishable and non-perishable foods should be thrown out as smoke most likely has penetrated the packaging. Makeup and medicines may have been damaged in a way that can make them harmful and should not be used. Appliances should be checked before using, as the heat and possible water could have damaged the electronics.

Overall, when cleaning up after a fire, it is best to have a professional restoration company do the work for you. Your safety and well being is too important to be put at risk!

For fire damage clean up, contact the professionals at SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties today!


Company Culture Matters-Redding Restoration Company

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Restoration workers A Professional Restoration Company with Compassion! Contact us today 530-222-0200

We follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for us.” -Simon Sinek

Personally, It has been a rare occasion that I have worked in an environment that engages and platforms the strengths of their employees as much as SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties. Definitely not what you would expect from a restoration company!

Thankfully, in my opinion, SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is much more than just a restoration company. Sure, what we do is the restoration of homes and businesses, but why we do it is much deeper than fire, water, and mold.


We take pride in holding true to our vision of "Helping our community in their time of need". Many times, our heart goes beyond the scope of our primary work, which has given way to starting programs like LoveLocal which is an effort to help enrich our community by spotlighting local companies. Additionally, we have helped many outside organizations like ThinkPink, South Shasta Food Drive, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Regional Training where we have raised close to 37,000 dollars in donations.


It is rare to come in and not have a day filled with smiles and laughter. There is something to be said about a team that genuinely enjoys what they do, working together. There's a synergy that happens which allows those involved to accomplish much more together than they would alone. You can even see some of our fun times through our "Office Antics" series!

In our line of work, it is unfortunate that we come across people, in many ways, on their worst day. It's no wonder that those who truly have a heart for people gravitate towards this type of business. Thankfully for us, our particular franchise champions this as a cornerstone of our culture, which reflects highly in the team that has been developed at SERVPRO of North Shasta.

In an unexpected, disaster situation, your world can be seemingly spinning out of control. At SERVPRO of North Shasta, we take great pride in bringing confidence to these situations by helping our customers understand there is always a solution. In fact, it was said best in a recent interview by our leader and owner Doug Stephens,

"People will come home to a whole house full of water, their furniture is all wet, their clothes are wet, and they think how am I ever going to fix this, well there's a way to fix that, we do it every day!"

SERVPRO of North Shasta


Disaster and Insurance - Redding Restoration

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

Post it note on board For disaster restoration, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of North Shasta today! 530-222-0200

There is never a good time for a disaster to happen and when it does happen chances are you already have so much on your plate. There’s a good chance you may be overwhelmed with stress from damages and trying to figure out how to get the repairs going. On top of it all, now you need to contact your insurance and see if these particular damages will be covered or not. 

How the SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties office can help you

When you experience a disaster please call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties, the longer you wait to call

professionals for disaster relief clean up the more secondary damages can begin to form, like mold. Let us restore while you rest. 

  • Insured parties have the right to choose any contractor or mitigation specialist, not just the one the insurance company suggests. Many people think that the only choice they have is the one company the insurance provider refers to. However, that is not true. The Insured ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. 
  • We will be in direct contact with the adjuster for approvals and updates, so you don’t have to. 
  • We also can schedule any necessary testing, abatement, storage pod, and dumpster deliveries. 
  • Not all people realize how important it is to stay in contact with their adjuster throughout the mitigation process. Your adjuster should be able to give you the information about how the claim process works if you have a deductible and how the payment process works. 

The office works well as a liaison between you and your insurance company. SERVPRO is the preferred vendor for nearly all the large insurance companies. We also go above and beyond insurance protocol. When a disaster happens you need the best, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties, 24/7-365. 530-222-0200

Water Damage Restoration-Appliances

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Dishwasher For Water Damage Restoration, contact us today! 530-222-0200

Most people are surprised to hear our office is inundated with water damage restoration calls throughout the year. Generally, we associate water damages with flooding, snow, and tree damage. The truth is, most of the water damage is caused from within your home from items you use daily. Appliances.  

Top 5 appliances that cause water damage

Water Heaters top our list! Recent studies from consumer reports and rainbow international show that 69% of water heaters fail because of a leak. We suggest flushing your water tank every 6 months but please don’t wait longer than a year. This will help remove sediment and prevent clogs from forming which may cause leaks later.

Refrigerators can have multiple ways of water damage, ice maker, water dispenser and condensation lines. These can usually be prevented by regular maintenance checks every year. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and gently dust the back off. Check the water lines, they are the normal culprit for leaks. These lines can get cracks and have pinholes in them from the heat coming from behind the fridge.

Dishwashers have many components that can become compromised, switches, valves, and hoses. However, the number one reason for the majority of water damage is caused by too much detergent, or even the wrong type of detergent, causing the washer to become clogged and overflow. Please check your user manual if you are unsure of any operational procedures.

The washing machine's most commonpoint of failure is on the water hose. Sometimes an uneven load of laundry can make the whole machine unbalanced and pinching the hose spraying water everywhere. We would like to suggest a quarterly inspection on the hoses, checking for rust of fitting, cracking and leaving plenty of space between the wall and machine so the hoses won’t get pinched.

Air conditioners can offer great relief, but they can also create water damage in the entire home. Most of the water damage comes from the condensation lines, followed by a broken fitting. Having an annual maintenance check on your AC unit will help keep it from malfunctioning later.

If you need water damage restoration please don’t wait, call for help immediately. You’ve already experienced enough with water damage, the last thing you need to deal with is mold. Help prevent mold growth and call for guidance as soon as possible.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is here for your 24/7/365, 530-222-0200

Fire Safety tips - Fire Extinguishers

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Extinguisher For fire damage restoration in Redding and the surrounding area, contact us today! 530-222-0200

Fire Safety Redding-Fire Extinguishers

Today’s hot topic is Fire Extinguishers

A little bit of history: The very first recorded fire extinguisher was in England in 1723 created by a chemist. It was made from cast and the fire extinguishing compound consisted of a pewter chamber of gunpowder. This contraption was then connected to a series of fuses which were then ignited, the gunpowder exploded, scattering the mixture.

Fun Fact: The fire extinguishers as we know them weren’t invented until 1816.

For more fire safety and info, go to

The A, B, C (and D’s) of fire extinguishers:

What do the classifications of fire extinguishers mean? Which do you have? Will it work for what you intend to use it for?

A: Works for combustible materials like paper and wood.

B: Ares used for flammable oil-based liquids like gasoline, grease, and oil.

C: Operates on electrical fires.

D: extinguishes flammable metals.

You might see multiple letters in companied with a number looking like this, 10-B: C. The number represents how big of fire the extinguisher is good for. In this case, 10-B:C is good for 25 square feet; B - is good for gasoline and grease, C - works for electrical fires.

How to use an extinguisher?

P- Pull the pin

A- Aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire

S- Squeeze the lever evenly and slowly

S- Swipe side to side to cover the affected area

Where should you keep fire extinguishers?

They should be located on every floor or in each room. You want to have a fire extinguisher near any heat sources like your kitchen and garage, furnace, water heater, and even your laundry room. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your bedrooms, in case you need to create a safe path out of your home. It is important to be able to reach a fire extinguisher within 6 seconds of it starting. That quick action can help prevent property damage and save lives.

Fire damage restoration in Reding, CA and the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity, and Greater Tehama Counties is here to help you if a disaster affects your home or business. We are open 24/7/365, you can call us at 530-222-0200.

For more tips check out our Youtube Tips-On-The-Go playlist!

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing-Redding Restoration

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Icicle For Storm Damage Restoration, Don't hesitate, contact us today! 530-222-0200

You might think freezing temperatures are too far in the future. The fact is, it's just around the corner. We have already had snow just above 4,000 feet elevation and it’s only the beginning of October. This is the perfect time to plan and prepare for freezing temperatures. It’s essential to prepare ahead of time for potential impacts this winter that storm damages can bring, including pipes freezing.

Dropping temps can do catastrophic damage to your home. For example, 250 gallons of water a day can come out of a small 1/8-inch crack from a pipe, creating structural damage, flooding, and mold growth.  

Tips to help prevent frozen pipes:

Turn up the heat

               If you are going away for a few days during the winter, it’s recommended by many insurance companies to keep the heat at a steady 55 degrees. This will keep your home just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Open your doors 

               As the temperature drops, it’s a great idea to keep the cabinet doors open in your home to allow the heat from the rest of your home to warm up the pipes.

Faucet Drip

                When pipes freeze it’s the pressure that is formed between the blockage and the faucet that will cause the pipe to rupture. Letting the faucet drip (preferably with warm water) avoids the pressure from building.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate 

               Usually, pipes are located where there isn’t much insulation, like attics and basements. You can use fiberglass sleeves or foam to dramatically reduce the chances of your pipes freezing.

During frigid weather, frozen pipes are the most common cause of property damage. In the disastrous event you encounter any kind of water damage loss, call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties at 530-222-0200 for immediate response. You will have a greater chance of mold growth the longer you wait to call. We have the training and knowledge to mitigate the destructive effects that water damage can cause.

Shasta County Hailstorms | Redding Storm Damage Restoration

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Hail on grass If you have experienced storm damage in Shasta County or the surrounding area, contact SERVPRO® today! 530-222-0200

Right when we think there is any time to relax from all the repairs you’ve completed from the last weather disaster something else has hit the North State, Hail. (First comes fire, then comes snow, then comes...oh hail nooo) 

Hail is formed from layers of water freezing in a cloud. Frozen droplets begin to fall from the cloud during a storm and then is pushed back up into the cloud by an updraft of wind. As the hail is traveling up, it gathers droplets that freeze to the hailstone, adding layers to it. Hail will fall when it becomes too heavy or the updraft stops. A 3-inch hailstone can fall at a speed of 110 miles per hour.

Nearly 30% of hail damage claims have a miscalculation on the date of loss. Most claims are filed almost a year after the storm even took place, simply because most people don’t inspect their roofs after a storm.

Verisk Insurance Solutions reported from 2000 to 2013 Insurers paid nearly 9 million claims for hail losses, which totaled over $54 billion. It's estimated that over 10 million properties in the nation were damaged by hail events in 2017.

If you are in a hailstorm, take cover immediately.

after the storm as passed and you are safe. You can check to see the condition of your property and belongings. The most common areas to check for damages from hail are; Roofs, vehicles, windows, AC units, and siding. Hail doesn’t come alone it usually is accompanied by rain, check for flooding in low-level areas in your home or property. If you are in the Redding and Shasta County area, SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is here 24/7/365 for any help you may need during this time. We are also available to answer any question you have about damages and the process of restoring your home. 

 Contact us today!


PGE Shut off - What to do - Redding Restoration Company

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Birds on a power line If you have experienced fire damage caused by fallen power lines or any other disaster, contact us today. 530-222-0200

Many of the residents have had their power turned off in Shasta, Tehama, and Glenn counties. This is an unpredictable power shutoff mandate; PG&E is shutting power off to keep the communities safe from large weather events that may cause fires like the one in Paradise. At the beginning of October, the vice president of PG&E gave an estimate of updating over 7,000 miles of power lines that may take 10-14 years in high fire risk areas. He also claims that it can take up to 8 years to improve vegetation management on 25,000 miles of power lines in high-risk areas.

With this PGE Shut off, we need to be prepared for no energy for many days.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties wants to help you when your power is out. Here are some steps to help you prepare.

  • Make sure you have at least 7 days of food and water for everyone in your home.
  • Find alternate plans for medical devices.
  • Have a good supply of fresh batteries.
  • Have plenty of flashlights ready.
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your vehicles and or generators. Chances are if you don’t have power your local gas station might not be open.
  • ALWAYS keep generators outside and away from windows.
  • Keep the fridge door closed as much as you can, this will keep the cool air in the fridge. Use thermometers in your freezers and refrigerators to make sure you are well under 40 degrees. You might have to get ice or dry ice to keep your food from spoiling. If the temperature goes over 40 degrees for 2 hours or more the food has spoiled.

Power outages can impact our communities and our local economy. These outages can disrupt your water supply as many of our locals depend on wells and your pumps can’t operate without electricity. Your transportation methods may also become interrupted, as gas stations may not even be open for business and if they are, they may be overloaded with customers or even run out of gas and fuel. Communication systems can go down during an outage, which can leave residents in the dark when it comes to the latest information in safety status. Please take the time to prepare for yourself and families, this will help you considerably in the years to come.  

For more helpful tips, check out our Tips-On-The-Go episodes on our Youtube Channel.

Also keep up to date with your local restoration professionals SERPVRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties 24/7-365


Mold In Your Home Or Business

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Growing in Home? Bad Mildew Odor? Call your Redding, California SERVPRO Mold Cleanup Experts! 530-222-0200

Have you noticed mold in your home or business?

Mold can quickly become an issue where water is introduced into your home or business, such as a leaky pipe or roof. Most people don't realize how rapid mold can grow, typically as soon as 24 hours. Mold can cause significant damage to your property and health.  If you suspect your home or business has mold, SERVPRO® is here to thoroughly inspect your property. If we find mold, we are trained, equipped and experienced to handle any mold situation.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is here to keep you and your family safe from mold, here are a few mold facts everyone should know.

  • The water source must be repaired before mold remediation can begin, or else mold can return.
  • Mold can be found anywhere, in and outdoors.
  • Spores flourish in moisture and can grow into colonies when exposed to water.
  • Spores are so small they can float in the air and often enter your home or business through doors, windows, AC units, your clothing, and even pets.

Our Process:

We shut down all heating and cooling systems to prevent the spread of spores.

 In some cases, we can set up containment areas to isolate and eradicate the mold.

Our team then uses powerful commercial-grade air filtration devices known as "air scrubbers" and HEPA vacuum, to stop the spread of mold in your property.

Any mold-infested materials like carpeting or drywall may be necessary to remove and dispose of to stop mold growth.

We use a SERVPRO® antimicrobial product to remove mold and stop new mold colonies from forming.

We also clean your belongings such as clothing, furniture or other possessions affected by mold.

Our staff also is trained to remove odors from mold in your home or business.

Click here for more information on how we can help with mold.

 SERVPRO® is here to help restore your home or business to pre-damaged conditions or better. Please call us to help you in your time of need. 530-222-0200

Community Involvement

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties Crew For emergency restoration from a company with professionalism and compassion, contact us today! 530-222-0200

At times it can be hard to articulate the authentic care and pride we take in helping our customers. There have been quite a few situations over the years that have truly moved us, and we felt it was only fair to share some of those moments with the rest of the world!

Here are some words from employees of SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties on the community we have helped

Community involvement

An elderly gentleman had water damage in his home and was relocated temporarily to a hotel. He expressed that he was afraid that if laid down flat on the hotel bed he wouldn’t be able to breathe well, he mentioned to our staff that he usually sleeps in his recliner. Once our techs heard this, they picked up the recliner on their own time and brought it to the man’s hotel room so he could sleep easily.

When the Carr Fire broke out, one to the many parts of the North State it threated was our local museum and animal sanctuary. The animals at this park are non-releasable and most are rescued, many of them are native to North America and Redding in particular. When we heard the facility was being evacuated and nearly 70 animals were in danger, we donated our air purifiers to help keep the animals from breathing the toxic air.

After doing extensive research, we learned about how much danger firefighters and their families are in after a fire. With the majority of building materials being petroleum-based, the ash is made of very dangerous carcinogens which causes cancer. SERVPRO of North Shasta donates hospital-grade disinfecting wipes to all the fire stations in the area. These wipes are used to clean the turn out gear and stop the spread of the cancerous carcinogens. Our community’s safety is always our top priority, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Our team came across the SHIELD Training organization. This is a new training organization and facility that incorporates all forms of Law Enforcement, Fire personnel, and Paramedics. This facility holds all training courses required for all fields and can also be used as an additional substation for a large emergency operation. SHIELD is holding a large black-tie event; our staff is donating time to gather donations and create their promotional videos and social media.

It's amazing to see how much can be accomplished in the community when we all come together. SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity, and Greater Tehama is happy to be a part of the community and help in any way we can.