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Storm Damage Ball Lightning

1/17/2020 (Permalink)

Lightning Ball For Storm Damage Restoration, Call us today! 530-222-0200

The strangest things we experience happen not in our imagination, but reality. This holds true for our weather and the causes of storm damage.

Imagine yourself in a setting almost 400 years ago, technology isn't quite what it is now, you are sitting in a church and all of a sudden a glowing orb floats into the window. As much as this sounds like science fiction, this, in fact, did happen!

In 1638 at a church in England was the first record of Ball Lightning. Although we don't fully understand ball lightning, we do have some clue of its attributes, and how it is formed.

Although its presence and effects are not as common as lightning storm damage, the danger of experiencing one is real. Ball Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and moves erratically. They can be white, red, blue, yellow, or orange, and have tendrils that seem to jerk the ball around. The most commonly accepted theory on how it is created was introduced by John Abrahamson of New Zealand. He believes when lightning strikes the ground it turns the naturally occurring silicon from the soil into vapor. The vapor cools, turns into dust, then the particles are attracted to each other by the charge from the lightning. This results in the particles binding together into a lightning ball.

If you happen to see ball lightning, run! If you have experienced storm damage, and need storm damage restoration, don't run, call the professionals at SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties!


Why SERVPRO-Serving Our Community

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician Contact us today! SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties 530-222-0200

It was just a few days ago, in a follow-up call had with a customer, that we gained insight into something that revealed the heart of our company in a simple yet profound way. As our customer recalled her experience, she spoke of a specific technician named Marty. She said that Marty was very detailed in explaining why certain demolition needed to happen, what would happen if they didn’t do the work, and how this was going to make the situation better. What she didn’t communicate, and maybe didn’t realize at the moment is that Marty saw how distressed she was. After all, a home isn’t just walls, but the memories made in them. Marty saw this and cared enough about our customer that he extended is his job beyond restoration and made it about her peace of mind.

We want to be a hero and a problem solver to our community. It just so happens that we are good at restoration, so that’s the way we help. We do realize that there are needs in this community that fall outside the reach of restoration, and we have decided to do something about that.

Here are a couple of ways we’ve decided to further help our community


Strong local businesses build a strong community. Every month we have a program called “LoveLocal” that highlights a local business and brings more exposure to their company. The program is a giveaway contest ran on facebook that features a product or service they offer. Video is used heavily in the process, and the company featured each month will end up with a professionally shot promotional video.

Putt It Forward

Putt it forward is a golf tournament we have organized as an annual fundraiser. United Shasta, One Safe Place, Youth & Family Programs, and APD K9 unit are all beneficiaries of this fundraiser. These companies are all phenomenal organizations that are truly making Shasta county a better place. Currently, we are on track to raise close to 30k with this event.

As restoration is the main focus of what we do, helping people in their time of need will continually deepen as the reason why we exist, and situations like Marty had will happen even more frequently. 

For restoration on your home or business from a company of compassionate professionals, contact us today!

SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity, and Greater Tehama Counties


Winter Storm Causing Ice Dams On Roofs

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

Ice Dam On Roof If you have experienced winter storm damage, contact us today! SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties 530-222-0200

When winter weather comes in, snow and ice are sure to follow. As aesthetically pleasing as the scenery becomes, it also presents new challenges. Being prepared and taking proper action can prevent incidents leading to mold and water damage.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form in a unique way. As snowfall begins to accumulate on your roof, the warmer air in the attic begins to melt it causing runoff. The runoff water then refreezes as it reaches the cooler edge of your roof. Over time the ice will build up and create an “ice dam”. 

An ice dam itself is not dangerous, but it can lead to water seeping under shingles, and through your roof. As this continues to happen, the chance of water damage and mold increases. 

How To Prevent An Ice Dam

keep your attic and roof cold.

About one-third of the heat loss in a home is through the

ceiling into the attic. There may be areas in your home with gaps leading to your attic that can be filled it. This will save on energy costs as well as keep your attic cooler.

Eliminate heat sources under the roof.

Lights and heaters in the attic can cause enough heat to melt the snow on the roof above. Turn off all attic lights and heaters, and if possible, ventilate your attic to allow it to stay cool.

Clear Snow off of the roof with a roof rake.

An ice dam snow rake, which is an aluminum scraper mounted on a telescoping aluminum pole, is the simplest solution for occasional heavy snows. Be careful not to damage your shingles though while using it, as your shingles become more brittle in the cold weather.

If you have experienced winter storm damage, contact us today!

SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties


Preparing Your Home For A Winter Storm - Redding Restoration

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

snow on house For Storm Damage Restoration Contact Us Today! 530-222-0200

With winter here, colder temperatures, ice, and snow present different challenges we all need to be ready for. Being prepared beforehand will minimizing and in many cases avoid damage altogether. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Prevent water damage by preparing your home's exterior

  • Repair roof leaks

Often roof leaks are noticed when it's too late. Heavy rain and snow present a real danger for leaky roofs to lead to water damage. Have your roof inspected to ensure it is ready for the winter precipitation.

  • Clean rain gutters 

Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow and trapped water can rot the wood boards your gutters are mounted to. When this happens it could allow moisture to enter your home.

  • Cutaway tree branches near your home

Trees that remain untrimmed near your home can break under the weight of snow and ice, and fall on your causing damage to your roof, and potential water damage to the inside of your home. Have your trees trimmed before the winter months arrive.

Prevent Fire damage and other dangers by preparing the interior of your home

  • Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.

This will help to keep out the cold as well as any moisture. Another great idea is to insulate your home by installing storm windows, or you can cover your windows with plastic to keep out the cold.

  • Have your chimney Inspected 

Using a fireplace is a great way to keep your home warm, but can lead to fires if your chimney is not in proper condition. Ask your local fire department to recommend an inspector or find one online.

If you have experienced storm damage to your home or business, don't wait, contact us today!

SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties.


Cleaning up after a fire

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire fighter in fire For fire damage clean up, contact the professionals at SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties today! 530-222-0200

The dust has settled, you are starting to get your bearings back, now what do you do to put your house back together?

Of course, hiring a professional restoration company is the best answer, but here are some tips in the case that you are unable to.

Fire damage may go beyond cosmetic.

Have your house inspected. Electrical wiring, foundation, and wall supports may have been affected and should be corrected before any cleaning or cosmetic repairs are performed.

Be Aware of Carcinogens.

Much of our household materials are now petroleum-based. When they burn, cancer-causing carcinogens can be released through soot and smoke. Always wear a respirator when cleaning up after a fire, and be fully covered to be as safe as possible. Additionally a

HEPA vac with proper filters and the use of air scrubbers are vitally important to removing carcinogens. The danger of carcinogens is one of the main reasons we highly recommend having a professional restoration company do the work for you!

Removing Soot.

Soot can become oily, and very hard to remove. Cleaning soot with water may spread the problem rather than clean it. Instead of water, a better idea may be to use a vinegar solution, but even then it can be difficult and may take multiple cleanings to remove the soot.

Checking and getting rid of the remaining materials.

Smoke can penetrate most packaging and the heat from a fire can damage items that may look safe to use. Perishable and non-perishable foods should be thrown out as smoke most likely has penetrated the packaging. Makeup and medicines may have been damaged in a way that can make them harmful and should not be used. Appliances should be checked before using, as the heat and possible water could have damaged the electronics.

Overall, when cleaning up after a fire, it is best to have a professional restoration company do the work for you. Your safety and well being is too important to be put at risk!

For fire damage clean up, contact the professionals at SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties today!


Company Culture Matters-Redding Restoration Company

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Restoration workers A Professional Restoration Company with Compassion! Contact us today 530-222-0200

We follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for us.” -Simon Sinek

Personally, It has been a rare occasion that I have worked in an environment that engages and platforms the strengths of their employees as much as SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties. Definitely not what you would expect from a restoration company!

Thankfully, in my opinion, SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is much more than just a restoration company. Sure, what we do is the restoration of homes and businesses, but why we do it is much deeper than fire, water, and mold.


We take pride in holding true to our vision of "Helping our community in their time of need". Many times, our heart goes beyond the scope of our primary work, which has given way to starting programs like LoveLocal which is an effort to help enrich our community by spotlighting local companies. Additionally, we have helped many outside organizations like ThinkPink, South Shasta Food Drive, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Regional Training where we have raised close to 37,000 dollars in donations.


It is rare to come in and not have a day filled with smiles and laughter. There is something to be said about a team that genuinely enjoys what they do, working together. There's a synergy that happens which allows those involved to accomplish much more together than they would alone. You can even see some of our fun times through our "Office Antics" series!

In our line of work, it is unfortunate that we come across people, in many ways, on their worst day. It's no wonder that those who truly have a heart for people gravitate towards this type of business. Thankfully for us, our particular franchise champions this as a cornerstone of our culture, which reflects highly in the team that has been developed at SERVPRO of North Shasta.

In an unexpected, disaster situation, your world can be seemingly spinning out of control. At SERVPRO of North Shasta, we take great pride in bringing confidence to these situations by helping our customers understand there is always a solution. In fact, it was said best in a recent interview by our leader and owner Doug Stephens,

"People will come home to a whole house full of water, their furniture is all wet, their clothes are wet, and they think how am I ever going to fix this, well there's a way to fix that, we do it every day!"

SERVPRO of North Shasta


Disaster and Insurance - Redding Restoration

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

Post it note on board For disaster restoration, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of North Shasta today! 530-222-0200

There is never a good time for a disaster to happen and when it does happen chances are you already have so much on your plate. There’s a good chance you may be overwhelmed with stress from damages and trying to figure out how to get the repairs going. On top of it all, now you need to contact your insurance and see if these particular damages will be covered or not. 

How the SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties office can help you

When you experience a disaster please call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties, the longer you wait to call

professionals for disaster relief clean up the more secondary damages can begin to form, like mold. Let us restore while you rest. 

  • Insured parties have the right to choose any contractor or mitigation specialist, not just the one the insurance company suggests. Many people think that the only choice they have is the one company the insurance provider refers to. However, that is not true. The Insured ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. 
  • We will be in direct contact with the adjuster for approvals and updates, so you don’t have to. 
  • We also can schedule any necessary testing, abatement, storage pod, and dumpster deliveries. 
  • Not all people realize how important it is to stay in contact with their adjuster throughout the mitigation process. Your adjuster should be able to give you the information about how the claim process works if you have a deductible and how the payment process works. 

The office works well as a liaison between you and your insurance company. SERVPRO is the preferred vendor for nearly all the large insurance companies. We also go above and beyond insurance protocol. When a disaster happens you need the best, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties, 24/7-365. 530-222-0200

Water Damage Restoration-Appliances

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Dishwasher For Water Damage Restoration, contact us today! 530-222-0200

Most people are surprised to hear our office is inundated with water damage restoration calls throughout the year. Generally, we associate water damages with flooding, snow, and tree damage. The truth is, most of the water damage is caused from within your home from items you use daily. Appliances.  

Top 5 appliances that cause water damage

Water Heaters top our list! Recent studies from consumer reports and rainbow international show that 69% of water heaters fail because of a leak. We suggest flushing your water tank every 6 months but please don’t wait longer than a year. This will help remove sediment and prevent clogs from forming which may cause leaks later.

Refrigerators can have multiple ways of water damage, ice maker, water dispenser and condensation lines. These can usually be prevented by regular maintenance checks every year. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and gently dust the back off. Check the water lines, they are the normal culprit for leaks. These lines can get cracks and have pinholes in them from the heat coming from behind the fridge.

Dishwashers have many components that can become compromised, switches, valves, and hoses. However, the number one reason for the majority of water damage is caused by too much detergent, or even the wrong type of detergent, causing the washer to become clogged and overflow. Please check your user manual if you are unsure of any operational procedures.

The washing machine's most commonpoint of failure is on the water hose. Sometimes an uneven load of laundry can make the whole machine unbalanced and pinching the hose spraying water everywhere. We would like to suggest a quarterly inspection on the hoses, checking for rust of fitting, cracking and leaving plenty of space between the wall and machine so the hoses won’t get pinched.

Air conditioners can offer great relief, but they can also create water damage in the entire home. Most of the water damage comes from the condensation lines, followed by a broken fitting. Having an annual maintenance check on your AC unit will help keep it from malfunctioning later.

If you need water damage restoration please don’t wait, call for help immediately. You’ve already experienced enough with water damage, the last thing you need to deal with is mold. Help prevent mold growth and call for guidance as soon as possible.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties is here for your 24/7/365, 530-222-0200

Fire Safety tips - Fire Extinguishers

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Extinguisher For fire damage restoration in Redding and the surrounding area, contact us today! 530-222-0200

Fire Safety Redding-Fire Extinguishers

Today’s hot topic is Fire Extinguishers

A little bit of history: The very first recorded fire extinguisher was in England in 1723 created by a chemist. It was made from cast and the fire extinguishing compound consisted of a pewter chamber of gunpowder. This contraption was then connected to a series of fuses which were then ignited, the gunpowder exploded, scattering the mixture.

Fun Fact: The fire extinguishers as we know them weren’t invented until 1816.

For more fire safety and info, go to

The A, B, C (and D’s) of fire extinguishers:

What do the classifications of fire extinguishers mean? Which do you have? Will it work for what you intend to use it for?

A: Works for combustible materials like paper and wood.

B: Ares used for flammable oil-based liquids like gasoline, grease, and oil.

C: Operates on electrical fires.

D: extinguishes flammable metals.

You might see multiple letters in companied with a number looking like this, 10-B: C. The number represents how big of fire the extinguisher is good for. In this case, 10-B:C is good for 25 square feet; B - is good for gasoline and grease, C - works for electrical fires.

How to use an extinguisher?

P- Pull the pin

A- Aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire

S- Squeeze the lever evenly and slowly

S- Swipe side to side to cover the affected area

Where should you keep fire extinguishers?

They should be located on every floor or in each room. You want to have a fire extinguisher near any heat sources like your kitchen and garage, furnace, water heater, and even your laundry room. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your bedrooms, in case you need to create a safe path out of your home. It is important to be able to reach a fire extinguisher within 6 seconds of it starting. That quick action can help prevent property damage and save lives.

Fire damage restoration in Reding, CA and the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO® of North Shasta, Trinity, and Greater Tehama Counties is here to help you if a disaster affects your home or business. We are open 24/7/365, you can call us at 530-222-0200.

For more tips check out our Youtube Tips-On-The-Go playlist!

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing-Redding Restoration

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Icicle For Storm Damage Restoration, Don't hesitate, contact us today! 530-222-0200

You might think freezing temperatures are too far in the future. The fact is, it's just around the corner. We have already had snow just above 4,000 feet elevation and it’s only the beginning of October. This is the perfect time to plan and prepare for freezing temperatures. It’s essential to prepare ahead of time for potential impacts this winter that storm damages can bring, including pipes freezing.

Dropping temps can do catastrophic damage to your home. For example, 250 gallons of water a day can come out of a small 1/8-inch crack from a pipe, creating structural damage, flooding, and mold growth.  

Tips to help prevent frozen pipes:

Turn up the heat

               If you are going away for a few days during the winter, it’s recommended by many insurance companies to keep the heat at a steady 55 degrees. This will keep your home just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

Open your doors 

               As the temperature drops, it’s a great idea to keep the cabinet doors open in your home to allow the heat from the rest of your home to warm up the pipes.

Faucet Drip

                When pipes freeze it’s the pressure that is formed between the blockage and the faucet that will cause the pipe to rupture. Letting the faucet drip (preferably with warm water) avoids the pressure from building.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate 

               Usually, pipes are located where there isn’t much insulation, like attics and basements. You can use fiberglass sleeves or foam to dramatically reduce the chances of your pipes freezing.

During frigid weather, frozen pipes are the most common cause of property damage. In the disastrous event you encounter any kind of water damage loss, call SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties at 530-222-0200 for immediate response. You will have a greater chance of mold growth the longer you wait to call. We have the training and knowledge to mitigate the destructive effects that water damage can cause.