What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Going through a house fire is no fun. However Mike, Hannah and her crew made it as easy as it possibly could have been.

  They all performed above and beyond the call of duty. From demolition to moving us back in our house. They also moved us twice. Unfortunately we had to move out of our rental house and into a motel for the last three months.  Hannah and her crew moved us out of the rental and into a storage facility until our house was done. Then they came back and moved us all over again.   I can’t think of a nicer group of people to have working on your side.   We highly recommend SERVPRO.   Brent and Mary Jones

"Tony D. [SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties Production Technician] explained everything well.  Good Job!"

Ethan was very courteous and helpful - attentive to our needs - above and beyond.

This customer comment from a completed fire job by our technicians Ethan and Tony K.

"...was very courteous, on time and did a great job."

Nice crew,  very thorough and thoughtful

We all block emergencies and disasters from are minds and hope they never happen to us. Well, when they do at 3 in the morning your mind has all it can to grasp the reality of what is going on. That is where SERVPRO of North Shasta comes in. They are prompt, professional and equipped with all of the tools they need to take care of any misfortune. Take it from me, they will put your stress at ease!

These guys are great, they deserve a raise, good job! Thanks for taking care of our home.

Igo, CA

The SERVPRO team was all very knowledgeable, kind and considerate in their work. I felt confident in their abilities and they did extremely well! Most important, I felt secure in their presence while they were in my house cleaning up after the wildfire that went through our town.

Your technician, Shane, was the nicest, most polite and kind individual. He did an exceptional job; the professional cleaning he provided made our carpets look brand new!

All of your workers were professional, worked hard and I was comfortable with them in my home. I appreciate the care that was taken while your SERVPRO technicians were working on our home. I would not hesitate to recommend your SERVPRO of North Shasta franchise to anyone I know. Thank you

I have nothing to recommend for all that Tony did.  I don't think anyone could have done better.  He was so polite and explained everything as he went along.

"It has been a pleasure to your team, I just hope I don't meet you again under the same circumstances. I will, however, recommend your services to anyone who has water damages anywhere around Portland."

Extremely friendly, knowledgeable, on time, and always willing to answer any questions. Totally satisfied with performance. Mike is the tech that helped us, he was extremely professional.

Excellent customer service! I am so grateful to the SERVPRO team, thank you!!! Job well done!

Excellent Service. Took the time to explain possible actions. Very patient and really thorough. Professional; patient; made certain the water/fire issues were abated and the environment was ready for reconstruction.

The twins were great, done a great job

The twins were very helpful and kept me clued in to what was happening. The team was very professional and explained the process very well. Appreciated them!

I have referred others in need to SERVPRO. The high standards are an obvious hallmark of the company's mission and to the Kitsinians because of the outstanding work they performed on my property, always with a smile, continually reassuring me, and being here or calling every day until the project was completed. I now know truly understand what SERVPRO's motto really mean..."Like it never even happened." And that's exactly right.

The Downtown Women's Center would like to thank SERVPRO...our building could not have been restored as quickly and effectively without your commitment, so thank you for your support. You were very prompt and understanding of our resident's needs.

SERVPRO was referred to me through my property insurance agent. Upon my first meeting with (Raffi), I was impressed with his company's immediate response to my water damage emergency. They take a great deal of pride in their work and know how to take-charge and solve sudden problems. I couldn't imagine any other company ensuring that my problems were solved in a more considerate manner that SERPVRO. They are well thought of in my household.

SERVPRO assembled a team of professionals to work on the flooding damage (burst pipe) and restored everything as if nothing happened and did it quickly.

Your representative was more than satisfactory, he was excellent. In fact, I've never met a team of professionals that knew exactly what to do, how to calm me down, and assure me my property would be restored. I would have never thought that water could have made so much damage, but SERVPRO was a seasoned pro when it came to handling emergencies.

Dear SERVPRO of North Shasta staff,

Thank you for your hard work and expertise in cleaning my house.  I'm so glad to have my house back.  You guys made my unfortunate accident very manageable.  All of the people I have encountered at SERVPRO of North Shasta have been so kind and very conscientious.

Thank you again,