Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Smoke and Soot Removal

Residential counter tops accumulated smoke and soot residue from the recent Carr Fire in Redding, California. SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Teh... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Damage Roof Clean Up

Smoke and soot residue from severe fire damage left this home's inner attic joists and roof structure covered in a deep layer of black fire damage residue. The ... READ MORE

Fern Fire Redding Ca

Mrs. Fern had an extended stay at the hospital, upon her return home she found that there had been a fire in her shed outback; the cause of the fire has still n... READ MORE

Household Fire Redding, CA

This fire was started in the garage/man cave due to some faulty electrical. Mr. Werth thought that all of his band equipment was destroyed and said they were un... READ MORE

Home Fire Anderson, CA

Extensive fire damage in the master bedroom in Northern Shasta County. The homeowners romantic evening turned out to be a disaster when a candle got knocked ove... READ MORE

Antique Fire Damage Redding, CA

A local antique dealer had extensive fire and smoke damage. The fire was caused by faulty electrical. Most of the building was destroyed, however we were able t... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire started from lint buildup in the home dryer. The fire quickly spread throughout the entire home damaging most appliances, cabinetry and furnit... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up

A disaster in a home, your home can be a very traumatic experience for people. We have team of trained crew members who are experienced to help walk with you du... READ MORE

Exterior Staircase Fire Redding, CA

Sharing your home with someone you don't know very well is always hard on everyone. Maybe they leave the dishes next to the sink instead of washing them, maybe ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage

Everyone has forgotten at least once in their life that they have a pot of water boiling or that the cake only needs 30 mins in the oven..Mrs. Fuller; however f... READ MORE

Full Kitchen Fire

I think everyone has put something in the oven and forgotten most of the time people wake up to the smell of burnt cake and realize that you forgot it.. sometim... READ MORE