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5 tips to prevent summer fires

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

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Shasta County and the surrounding areas are notorious for fires during the summer. The mixture of dry heat and wind is a perfect storm for wildfires, and summer activities can lead to a higher potential for fires in your home. Unfortunately, there is a high need for fire damage restoration in Redding and the surrounding areas, but there are some actions you can take to prevent it altogether. Here are five tips to prevent summer fires.

Fires Started by grills

It is almost ingrained in our culture that as the weather heats up, so do our backyard grills! As much as grilling is a favorite pastime for many, the need for grill safety is evident. 

According to the NFPA, 29% of gas-fueled grill fires happen from a failure to clean. This is the largest contributor to grill fires. Be sure to clean your grills and grease trap after each use. This will add to your safety and health! For more info on cleaning grills, check out thebbqdepot.com

Other reasons for grill fires to be aware of include heat sources being too close to combustibles, and mishandled propane.

Fires started by air conditioners

The extreme heat in Redding and the surrounding areas cause a need for high air conditioning use. Central air systems are not as likely to start fires as portable or fixed units. Generally, wall units and portable units have a higher requirement for electric power, and the wiring at times may not keep up.

The first measure of safety with air conditioning units is to always have a professional install your unit. Be sure to have your unit serviced annually, and do not use an extension cord with your air conditioning unit. These actions will greatly reduce the chance of a fire, and the need for fire damage restoration!

Fires started by smoking

There are nearly 1,000 fire deaths every year caused by cigarettes. If you smoke, one of the best options to prevent a home fire is to smoke outside. One of the larger fire dangers cigarettes carry is the ability to spark a wildfire. Even though there has been a decline since the 1980’s in wildfires started by cigarettes, our dry and dense forests provide a high risk for even a small spark to start a fire. Be sure to extinguish your cigarettes, and never dispose of them by throwing them out of your window.

Fires started by Fireworks

The beauty and excitement of fireworks may be something that you look forward to each year, but along with the fun times and celebration comes a responsibility of safety. Every year over 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks. Much of the fire damage restoration that is called for every summer can be attributed to the improper use of fireworks. Although fireworks are illegal in Shasta county if you are in a county that allows them, be sure to take all of the necessary safety precautions. Some of the precautions include keeping a bucket of water nearby, never letting young children handle fireworks, and soaking fireworks for a few hours before discarding them. Check out nsc.org for more fireworks safety tips.


It may be surprising for some to find that the vast majority of wildfires are caused by humans. We can help lower the number of wildfires if we all were more aware of and took the safety measures necessary to keep our forests safe. Campfires and equipment malfunction are some of the main causes of wildfires started by humans.

  • Campfires: Be sure to drown the fire, stir the embers to get them all wet, and feel the area with the back of your hand to make sure nothing is still smoldering.
  • Equipment malfunction: Whenever using equipment or machinery, be sure to follow its proper use, and read the instruction manual before operating.

If you have experienced fire damage, and need fire damage restoration, don’t hesitate, contact us today!


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