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Dangerous Mold is a living organism – a fungus spore.

2/1/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Growing in Home? Bad Mildew Odor? Call your Redding, California SERVPRO Mold Cleanup Experts! 530-222-0200

Good mold can be used to make life saving Penicillin based antibiotics.  Everyday foods we all enjoy such as yogurt and certain types of cheese are produced with mold.  Dangerous mold, the type found in your home under sinks and especially hidden within rain-soaked moisture rich wall insulation and unventilated leaking attic spaces is our concern. 

We here at SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties find mold all over hidden areas inside Redding and Shasta County homes

We are professional mold remediators and use specific SERVPRO proprietary commercial grade biocides such as the newly released SERVPROXIDE™ unleashing a new weapon on mold, virus and bacteria outbreaks.

Read our blog article: Mold Cleaning – Residential, Commercial & Hospital Disinfectant

We Know How to Kill Mold!  530-222-0200

Mold Preventative Measure Techniques

  • Schedule regular plumbing checks in your laundry, kitchen and bathroom (especially under cabinets) for leaks and slow drips into wall spaces and porous surfaces.
  • Regular cleaning, for example, along shower door runners; anywhere standing water can remain undried for long periods of time, does wonders to provide healthy living and prevent mold from forming.
  • Carpeting and Wallpaper in Bathrooms, in particular, are mold growth havens because of long-term high-humidity levels from hot showers. Extra cleaning is necessary. 
  • Believe it or not, our over two decades of experience providing hundreds of Redding, California and Shasta County homes with mold remediation and restoration has shown that a hidden mold breeding ground exists between the sheetrock, the glue and the paper-cellulose covering in toilet facilities and kitchens where homeowners have used wall coverings as decoration components. When wet, from water leaks and / or long-term moisture condensation, the glue and paper, overtime, turn into a dark unventilated fertile slurry of nutrients feeding mold colonies.  Unless performed by a mold damage restoration expert removing the wallpaper can result in the accelerated activation and large-scale release of mold spores thus making the homeowners problem exponentially worse.
  • Paint and Mold. Our IICRC trained and certified mold mitigation specialists at SERVPRO of North Shasta, Trinity & Greater Tehama Counties recommend not simply painting over mold.  Latex residential interior paint, some of which can contain mold resistant additives, does not kill mold.  Like the wallpaper example above, over time water seepage sinks through paint layers and produces the same toxic environment facilitating the continuation of mold growth and spore release.

Mold Fungus and Clothing

  • Mold outbreaks in the back of closets are quite common. Long term storage of shoes and clothes are ripe for all forms of mold.  Unsanitized and moist footwear tracking in outside pollutants along with unwashed clothing provide ripe conditions for what we have seen as the green mold dust on garments.  Allow adequate dry airflow when hanging up items.  Sweat, body fluid and hair, reside in the fabric weave and hold onto toxic spores. 

If you smell recurring mildew and / or building residents are reporting health problems, then you may be correct in your suspicions that mold and resulting toxic indoor air quality could be present. 

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